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Our wide variety of classes will ensure a comfortable and positive experience for students at any level of yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, want a gentle or challenging practice, we have a class for you.

The Perfect Temperature

We offer non-heated, warm and hot yoga classes in our state of the art studios with spacious practice areas and beautifully crafted change rooms. Be open, explore and have fun! We look forward to being a part of your journey.

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Soul Spin Studio

Check out our sister company, Soul Spin Studio, to add some cardio to your wellness regime. It's a fun, upbeat and energitic atmosphere, the perfect balance between the gentle and calming enivronment of yoga.


Passes & bundles to fit any schedule or budget.

We offer discounted/reduced rates for the following individuals:
Nurses / Police Officers / Firefighters / EMS / School Teachers / Seniors 55+ / Alberta Health Service Employees / Fulltime Students.
Must provide valid ID. Buy in-studio only.

Purchase a new membership before your 1 Month Intro expires and receive 15% off.
Soul Hot Yoga Members also receive 15% off Soul Spin Memberships and vice versa for Soul Spin Members (Some restrictions apply.)

1 Class


  • Reduced Rate: $16

5 Classes


  • Reduced Rate: $65
  • Only $16 Per Class

10 Classes


  • Reduced Rate: $115
  • Only $14 Per Class

20 Classes


  • Reduced Rate: $205
  • Only $12.50 Per Class

50 Classes


  • Only $10.60 Per Class
  • Share With 1 Other
  • Expires within 1 year


Intro Month


  • Unlimited Yoga
  • New to Studio Only
  • Must Show ID
  • Buy In-studio

Monthly Auto-Renew


  • Reduced Rate: $99
  • Best Value if Coming 2+ Times Per Week or 5 Times Per Month
  • Unlimited Yoga

Drop-In Deals


  • 6am Classes
  • Friday 7:30pm Class
  • Sunday 8:30am Class

Morning Warrior
10 Pass


  • 6am Classes Only

Family Yoga Kids Drop-In


  • 6:15pm Friday Family Yoga Class Only

1 Month


  • Reduced Rate: $125
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Activates Upon First Visit

3 Months


  • Reduced Rate: $315
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Activates Upon First Visit

6 Months


  • Reduced Rate: $565
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Activates Upon First Visit

12 Months


  • Reduced Rate: $999
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Includes Mat & Towel Service
  • Activates Upon First Visit

Spinning Yogi


  • 12 Month Pass
  • Unlimited Yoga & Spin
  • Includes Mat & Towel Service Plus Spin Shoes
  • Activates Upon First Visit

Monthly Spinning Yogi Pass


  • Unlimited Spin, Barre & Circuit
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Includes Shoe, Towel & Mat Rental

**Memberships cannot be put on hold, transferred or refunded.**


Our teachers bring their own unique style, gifts and voice to their teachings.


Warm - All Levels

Perfect for those new to yoga! This class will focus on the basics of yoga with postures presented at a comfortable pace, allowing time for modifications and exploration, leading to increased balance, strength and flexibility. A great way to build a solid foundation of yoga basics.

Hips & Hamstrings

Hot - All Levels

This Hatha-based class will focus on both stretching and strengthening, create space in the tissue, the muscles and the joints. This practice is based around the hips and hamstrings and everything between. If you're a runner, a spinner, a lover or a fighter, you will benefit from this class.

Yin Yang

Hot - All Levels

This class begins with with slow and deep floor stretches (held for 3 to 5 minutes) to open the body and still the mind. and finishes with a vinyasa flow to energize and strengthen the body.


Hot - All Levels

A slower paced class where the poses are held for longer allowing time to establish body position and proper alignment. This static style class builds strength, flexibility and balance. Variations and modifications are provided so that every student is challenged at their own level.

Vinyasa Flow

Warm / Hot - All Levels

Flow through a series of postures that are drawn from a variety of yoga styles linking movement with the breath as you improve strength, flexibility and balance. The calories will burn away as you sweat and move through each of the poses.

Power Vinyasa Flow

Warm - Experience Recommended

An athletic and dynamic flow class which uses breath as the primary link between the integration of body and mind. This class will build heat in the body, develop strength, flexibility and stamina. A fun and challenging practice for those who appreciate a healthy sweat!

Hot Core

Hot - All Levels

This vinyasa style class physically and mentally challenges you to connect to your inner core strength. The postures practiced in this class are dedicated to all of our core muscles. The muscles of the core include shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, hips and glutes.

$10 Funk n' Flow

Warm - All Levels

A new way to spend your Friday night! Flow and energize through a series of postures linking breath with movement. Rock out to some fresh tunes as you improve strength, flexibility and balance.

**Free for members with unlimited memberships.

Complimentary Class

Warm - All Levels

In partnership with Lululemon Southcentre, our 8:30am Sunday class is COMPLIMENTARY!

Aerial Yoga - Level 1

Non-Heated - Experience Required*

Aerial Yoga is a fun fusion of yoga and aerial arts. It combines the support of suspended fabric with classic yoga postures to create a unique practice that is challenging yet still accessible. We'll flip, fly, and flow, so please bring a mat and wear pants that cover your knees.

**Pre-Requisite - Intro To Aerial Yoga Workshop.

Yoga For Backs

Warm - All Levels

This class will work to release tension in the upper back, neck, shoulders, low back and hips while creating stability and strength. This yoga therapy is ideal for students suffering from tension, strain, chronic pain, athletic injuries and stress.


Non-Heated - All Levels

*Please create an account for all family members. Each member will need to be registered for the class* A one hour gentle yoga class for the whole family to enjoy! This class will explore standing and seated postures, breathing and relaxation techniques and more!


Non-Heated / Warm / Hot - All Levels

A calming and therapeutic class designed to soothe your mind, body and soul. Using comfortable positions and letting go of all your tensions, you will rejuvenate and rebalance yourself. All students can benefit from this soothing and slow paced class.

**BOLSTERS/BLANKETS will be used for nonheated class.

Restorative Nidra

Warm - All Levels

Restorative-Nidra is a therapeutic class where we combine our classic restorative class with the healing practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra (also called yogic sleep) is an induced full body guided relaxation that is phenomenal for restoring physical, mental, and emotional balance.


Hot - All Levels

Unwind from your day with this deep stretch class. A series of floor postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes to allow stretching of the connective tissues of the spine, hips and pelvis. Yin Yoga is a great compliment to any practice, helping to open the body and increase flexibility and range of motion.


Non-Heated - No Experience Required

Come join us for a 1 hour meditation class with Dale Miles. We will be exploring many different methods of meditation providing you with an opportunity to sit quietly and work on your own practice. The format will usually consist of two 15-20 minute meditation periods, some chanting, and a brief discussion period related to your practice.

200hr Teacher Training

Become a Certified 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher in the style of Vinyasa Flow
"Inspiring yoga - Instilling confidence"

Soul Hot Yoga is a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School. We offer a hands-on teaching practicum where students develop both the skills and confidence to teach, thanks to our friendly and supportive environment. This comprehensive teacher training program encompasses the principles of proper alignment, body awareness and respect for the many traditions of yoga, while remaining open to what's new and evolving in today's yoga world. Rather than trying to cram new knowledge into a tight one or two months, our schedule offers a relaxed and healthy learning environment - allowing you to deeply absorb and integrate this new knowledge into your life, both on and off your mat.


Our 2015 Teacher Training has begun. For more information about our program please click HERE.