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Child's Pose
Couple Meditating

Meditation 101

In this 90 minute workshop, you will be introduced to the basic concepts, reasoning and techniques of meditation.  


If you've been looking for the opportunity to create change you will have the knowledge and practical experience you need to begin your own practice. 

Child's Pose

Restorative Nidra

Yoga Nidra brings your physical body into its deepest state of relaxation, while the conscious mind is awakened. A full practice of yoga Nidra can be the equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep!

During this session, Diana Afonso will guide you deeper into your consciousness, allowing the layers of the mind to peel back, beginning to expose your truest self.

No meditation or yoga experience required.

Please dress in comfortable clothing, and bring a mat, blanket and pillow, and anything else you may need to be comfortable laying down. 

Pre-registered Programs

Back Stretch

Yoga for Backs

  4-Week Series  

Connect with the breath, find relaxation and build stability.


We will work to release tension in the upper back, neck, shoulders, low back and hips. We will build new awareness by developing effective movement patterns. Create stability and strength throughout the deep postural muscles and core.


This yoga therapy is ideal for students suffering from tension, strain, chronic pain, athletic injuries and stress.

Please bring your yoga mat.

All levels.

 ** a black strap will be provided for you to use**

Folding Yoga Mat

Yoga 101

  4-Week Series  

New or newer to yoga? 

This 4 class series will progressively cover a number of foundational poses, basic breathwork and an introduction to meditation.

No matter your level of strength or flexibility, these classes will help support you in tuning into your body and stepping out of the mental chatter (even just a little). 

Invest in building this foundation on your mat - feeling safer, stronger and present in your practice.

Yoga Equipment

Blocks, straps, and bolsters

  4-Week Series  

This 4 class series will focus on stretching and strengthening with props to facilitate alignment in postures and take the strain and stress off your body. The classes will be based around shoulders, spine, hips, hamstrings and pelvis.


We will create space in the tissue, muscles and joints. This workshop is a great addition to your regular practice for a more in depth and in tune practice to specific areas to increase flexibility, range of motion, release tension and stress in body and mind.

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