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We offer hot and warm classes tailored to suit all levels of practitioners. Our extensive range of class types guarantees there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer low-intensity or high-intensity classes, slow-paced or fast-paced, each class is designed to accommodate all levels. Read on the explore the classes we offer


  • Explore

  • Hips & Hamstrings

  • Yin

  • Restorative

  • Yin Yang

  • Hatha

  • Yoga for Backs

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Fusion

  • Core/ Core & Sculpt

  • Pilates


This class will focus on the basics of yoga with postures presented at a comfortable pace, allowing time for modifications and exploration, leading to increased balance, strength and flexibility.  A great way to build a solid foundation of yoga basics as well as learning how to care for your body.
Perfect for those new to yoga.


This Yin-based class will focus on both stretching and strengthening. This practice will be based around the hips and hamstrings and everything between.  It is very beneficial to those  who lead a Yang life who are in need of the balance of creating space in the tissue, the muscles and the joints surrounding this part of the body.
All levels.


Unwind from your day with this deep stretch class. A series of floor postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes to allow stretching of the connective tissues of the spine, hips and pelvis. Yin Yoga is a great compliment to any practice, helping to open the body and increase flexibility and range of motion.  
All levels.



This class, along with our meditate & restore class, combines breathing techniques with longer-held comfortable positions for deep rest. Using props, this class will help regulate your nervous system and quiet the body and mind. A calming and therapeutic class designed to soothe your mind, body, and soul.
All levels.


The perfect blend of slow, deep floor stretches and invigorating movement. With an equal focus on balance, it harmoniously engages both the body and mind. If you find yourself torn between the desire to move and the need for stillness, this class provides the ideal solution.
All levels.


A slower-paced class where the poses are held for longer allowing time to establish body position and proper alignment. This static style class builds strength, flexibility and balance. Variations and modifications are provided so that every student is challenged at their own level.
All levels.



Flow through a series of postures that draw from a variety of yoga styles, linking movement with breath as you improve strength, flexibility and balance.
All levels. Some experience recommended.


This class physically and mentally challenges you to connect with your inner core strength. The postures practiced in this class are dedicated to all of our core muscles. The muscles of the core include shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, hips and glutes. When the sculpt element is added to this class - so is intensity! This class adds small hand weights with the yoga postures, intensifying each pose while adding a cardiovascular component.
All levels. Some experience reco


This class is a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Weight training. We will move through postures and exercises that focus on strengthening all muscle groups including core, biceps, shoulders, glutes, calves, and more. Resistance bands and sliders are also incorporated in this class. A challenging and fun class that inspires the mind-body connection.

All levels.


A full-body floor Pilates class that aims to enhance both your strength and flexibility, while fostering a calm and focused mind. This class incorporates precise movements and focused breathing techniques, crafted to heighten your awareness of both the physical and energetic bodies. All levels welcome.


Connect with breath, find relaxation and build stability. Through a typical yoga class, we will work to release tension in the upper and mid back, neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. We will build new awareness by developing effective movement patterns as well as create stability and strength throughout the deep postural muscles and core. 
All levels. 

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