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Radiant Infrared Heat

Heat of Choice

Infrared Radiant Heat is the heat of choice for the top hot yoga studios worldwide and the unique health benefits of far infrared longwave radiance are widely recognized. The unique requirements of a hot yoga studio are easily attained with long wave Radiant Panels… without any noise, dust, air movement or temperature fluctuations associated with other forms of heat. It safely and quietly heats thousands of practitioners just as comfortably as the sun heats the earth.

Health Benefits

The health benefits and relaxation experienced in the non-allergenic, far infrared radiantly heated environment provides is  a hallmark of the Soul Hot Yoga experience. Here’s why:

  • Radiant heat heats objects in its path which reradiates the heat to other objects, which then reradiates heat to the air. This is how the sun heats the earth. (Notice how much warmer you feel standing in direct sunlight, as opposed to a shaded area under a tree.) This is different from a convective system, which heats the air. Souls Radiant Panels heat in the longwave far-infrared spectrum.

  • Soul maintains uniform temperature with Radiant Heat…wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Since radiant heat heats objects, there is no air to blow and no stratification of hot or cold air pockets. Once air is heated, it becomes lighter and rises. Then, as it cools down, it contributes to the cycle of cool drafts.

  • This is what happens with forced air and baseboard systems. No mechanically heated air movement means no ‘cold blow’ effect, no distribution of unhealthy bacteria or allergens and no dust. Soul radiant heat is hypoallergenic.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Yoga classes can be held without the creation of any draft, stirring of dust, pollens, germs, noise, or odour. Soul has chosen Infrared Radiant Heat from the only supplier identified by the US Department of Energy for documented energy and occupant thermal comfort performance.

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